Thursday, August 20, 2009

Birthday's, Back-to-School, & Blog updates!

What a hectic week! But we are in the home stretch.

Ella's birthday Tuesday (had the party Saturday), first day of school Wednesday, and blog update Thursday.

Ella's party turned out great. The big double digits begin (10) and she is already acting like one of those obnoxious tween's. Madeline was making funny faces this morning at breakfast and Ella pinched her and told her she had better not do that in school because she would embarrass them both. WOW! This coming from somewhat (up till now) tomboy who up till now didn't care about any of that kind of stuff. She did however move into a new class room this year, in the upper elementary with Mr. Buzz as her teacher maybe this had something to do with the attitude change. They both had a very good first day at school. They both have made some really good friends and were very excited about reuniting with them. Friday is swim day for the school and I'm sure by Monday they will be settled in nicely with their new friends, teachers, and classrooms. Back to the routine.

P.S. Rock band was a hit for Ella I will post some video and pictures later.

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