Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mariners #8 Ella Rebol

Spring time at the ballpark has started again after many years of hiatus for us. The last spring/summer spent at the ball park was when Jayson was 13 and Ella only 3. Jayson decided to pursue football rather than baseball and the warm summer nights turned to freezing fall football stands, Robert and I relished the days of the 99 degree state tournaments.

Well after trying for many years to try to talk the girls into playing softball and despite Ella's natural ability she had no interest to play until now. Madeline would rather be a fish all summer and that is fine. The first few games of the season we wondered what happen to that girl who was smacking the ball into the neighbors yard and could throw the ball across the backyard like none other. Well she is now starting to appear. Her inaugural year has ignited the fire and she is now starting to really get into the game. She really enjoys the competition and this team building experience has been very good for her social behavior.

I have a few shots from her latest game that I hope you enjoy.

Go Mariners!!