Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 2 on the worldwind tour down south.

Well this is Day Dos and we started our day by driving 2 1/2 hours to Mesa Verde National Park. We finally arrive at the park and get our tour passes for the first cliff dwelling and we end up going down the wrong road but we didn't know this until we got out of the car to look at the one of the other dwellings and Robert said well isn't that Cliff Palace over there? Of course this is over the huge gorge on the other side of the mesa from where we were. So we looked at the time we had approximately 10min till the time our tour started and we had to get to the other side. Whew! We made it! Luckily we were there on Sunday and it was still pretty early otherwise I don't think we would have.

The square dwelling you see is appropriately named the "Square House" this was one of those that were on the other side from where we were suppose to be. The next few pictures are of the Cliff Palace (our tour destination), which is one of the largest dwellings in the area. The last few pictures are of the Spruce Tree House. In one of the pictures Madeline is inside one of the only closed kiva's(ceremonial circle rooms) that you can go down in, the girls were the only ones to go down so when they climbed out Madeline said that the orbs or spirits were following Ella around everywhere and that you can really see it in the pictures OOOoooo. Whatever tickles there fancy, we had a great time anyway.
These last few pictures are of course our final destination of the day, the Four Corners monument and also Ella and Madeline in the pool at the lodge. I will give you a glimpse of Monument Valley tomorrow so please stay tuned. Seecha' lata.

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